Friday, March 22, 2013

wander & capture: photo friday in al ain, abu dhabi

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Take your hats, comfy shoes and good company and get going to Al Ain! It's pretty!
Берите панамки, удобную обувь и хороших друзей и езжайте в Аль Айн! Там очень здорово!

1 - Al Jahili Fort

 2 - The Palace Museum

Look at this! It's just perfect!

 I can just see myself sitting here reading a book for a while.

I was SO glad I brought these shoes along with me. I'd put on peep toes and had to take them off, because of all the sand and rocks everywhere.

3 - Al Ain Museum

I decided not to post a lot from the museum not to spoil your visit. But these are some of my favorite things.

Я решила не выкладывать много фотографий из музея, чтобы не испортить вам поездки. Однако, поделюсь некоторыми интересностями.

Spikes go WAY back! ))

Tinted glass I am just crazy about!

Photos, maps and books. Yes, I'm nerdy.

Dare to ask about your past.

Al Ain is a place I'd go back to. One of the nicest towns here in Abu Dhabi, as well as the whole UAE. Have you been to UAE?

Аль Айн - место, куда хочется возвращаться. Один из красивейших городов Абу Даби, да и всех Эмиратов. А вы бывали в этих краях?


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